Oquawka Facts, Maps and Directions
The population of Oquawka is approximately 1442 The approximate number of families is 738
Population change in the 1990s: +102 (+7.1%) Ancestries: German (20.0%), United States (15.7%), English (12.7%), Irish (11.0%), Dutch (4.1%), Swedish (3.7%)
The amount of surface water is 1.009 sq kilometers Land area: 1.5 square miles
Elevation: 562 feet Oquawka is positioned 40.93 degrees north of the equator and 90.94 degrees west of the prime meridian.
The distance from Oquawka to Washington DC is 777 miles. The distance to the Illinois state capital is 107 miles. (as the crow flies)

For population 25 years and over in Oquawka

      High school or higher: 73.1%
      Bachelor's degree or higher: 4.8%
      Graduate or professional degree: 1.5%
      Unemployed: 9.8%
      Mean travel time to work: 29.0 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Oquawka village

      Never married: 21.5%
      Now married: 55.3%
      Separated: 1.2%
      Widowed: 9.2%
      Divorced: 12.8%

Hospitals/medical centers near Oquawka:

      Great River Medical Center (about 18 miles; West Burlington, IA)
      OSF Medical Center (about 22 miles; Monmouth, IL)
      Mercer County Hospital (about 24 miles; Aledo, IL)

Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Oquawka:

      Southeast Iowa Regional (about 17 miles; Burlington, IA; ID: BRL)
      Quad City Intl (about 47 miles; Moline, IL; ID: MLI)
      Quincy Regional - Baldwin Field (about 71 miles;Quincy, IL; ID: UIN)

Colleges/universities near to Oquawka:

      Western Illinois University (about 39 miles; Macomb, IL; Full-time enrollment: 11,096)
      Augustana College (about 47 miles; Rock Island, IL; FT enrollment: 2,220)
      Knox College (about 25 miles; Galesburg, IL; Full-time enrollment: 1,400)
      Monmouth College (about 17 miles; Monmouth, IL; Full-time enrollment: 1,400)
      Eastern Iowa Community College (about 48 miles; Davenport, IA; FT enrollment: 4,180)
      Black Hawk College (about 49 miles; Moline, IL; FT enrollment: 3,891)
      Saint Ambrose University (about 50 miles; Davenport, IA; FT enrollment: 2,310)
      University of Iowa (about 65 miles; Iowa City, IA; FT enrollment: 24,766)
      Illinois Central College (about 87 miles; East Peoria, IL; FT enrollment: 6,404)
Some of the statistics maybe outdated.

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